Past Lives, Between Lives & Rebirth

No-one has yet been able to discover where our soul or spirit resides in the body. But many believe in the cycle of birth and rebirth; and that the soul will inhabit many bodies in its quest for progress and perfection.

The process of Past Life Regression invites the subconscious mind to access memories from previous lifetimes that may provide insights about current life challenges. This can be a healing and enlightening experience. A Past Life Regression is simply an extension of an age regression. The roots of a challenge in this life can reside in past life experiences; and the therapist’s role is to guide the client to retrieve and, where appropriate, heal the memories from past lifetimes that may help with challenging, present-life issues.

Life Between Lives Regression (also called Spiritual Integration) can help by taking us back to the decisions we made between lives, in “Soul Home”; for example, the reasons for incarnation into this current family, this current body; meetings with our personal guides and spiritual advisors. A review of the souls with whom we regularly reincarnate; a review of our past life records and, most of all, what guidance can we seek about our current life dilemmas?

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