I am grateful to be back

Hello and bright blessings to everyone. It is good to be back with a smile!

The past two years or so have been a time of profound learning for me. At the outset of my challenge, my mind was focused on fear, shame and guilt. I am a therapist. Why is this happening to me? I am supposed to be helping others. Why me?

Well, why not me? I am no stranger to depression and anxiety, which have in the past been frequent visitors to my life. Each time they have visited me, they’ve offered me tools and insights with which I could further understand other souls around me. I was surprised to encounter these visitors again. The experience has been painful but it is also a rich learning opportunity. I eventually learned to drop the shame and guilt, reach out and ask for help. To remember that I, too, am human 🙂 And what’s more, to remember I chose this experience …  As soon as I did that, I began to receive loving support from like-minded souls to whom I shall be eternally grateful.  Just an email or single text message can make such an uplifting difference! I have received these and so much more…I have been learning new techniques with which to rise out of the depths of depression and I want to share these with others in due course.

This message offers my gratitude to the Universe and to my friends, my colleagues, my clients and my loved ones. I take small steps at a time and am content with the progress I am making.

I send love and Light to all who read this; and to our beautiful planet and all the souls incarnated here I send wishes for love, peace and enlightenment for all. Whatever your path, please build it on the foundation of love. With love we are all so much stronger. Love is what our Guides and Higher Beings freely offer us. Love is what they so wish for us to freely offer each other.

Written, with love, October 2017